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Security From The Ground Up

Cybersecurity is only half the story. Ensuring the security of the physical location where data and other assets are stored is just as critical as safeguarding them against online threats and hackers. We offer solutions that create security from the ground up.


Nascient Networks provides full-spectrum security technology, starting with a security evaluation to determine current weak spots and needs. Once completed, we can help your business choose a trusted, vetted security contractor that meets your time, budget, and security technology requirements.

Access Control + Badge Readers

A fundamental security need for any organization is to monitor who can access their building – and the sensitive business assets inside. Access control systems provide companies with invaluable data such as building access time stamping, control with remote administration, and efficient integration with existing security systems.

We can create custom access control systems utilizing any of the following technologies:

  • Magnetic Swipe Cards
  • PIN Code Keypads
  • Smartphone Secure Authentication
  • Barcode or QR Code Cards
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Cards
  • Biometrics

Protecting your physical environment is just as important as safeguarding the digital one. And just as complicated. That’s why we provide numerous security camera network solutions, including:

  • CCTV
  • Interior and Exterior Monitoring
  • IP Video Cameras
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Night Vision
  • Facial Recognition
  • License Plate Readers
  • Video Intercom Systems for Gates + Entrances

Nascient Networks brings decades of IT experience to design, implement and manage critical network systems and infrastructure, so you can concentrate on running your business smoothly.

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