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Data Center Services and Technology

Whether you’re building a brand new data center or upgrading an existing environment, we work with you to ensure that accessing and managing your data is efficient and dependable. We specialize in server cabinet design and installation, as well as ladder racking, patch panel design, device deployment, and cabling installations. Our experts meet with you to determine your specific needs and design a solution that works for you today and easily adapts to future demand – without overloading you with excessive hardware.


Onsite Datacenter Smart Hands

Data centers can operate for days, weeks, and even months without human intervention, such that data centers are increasingly managed remotely. When problems do arise, getting to the source of it can be a challenge. When time is critical, Nascient Networks can be on the ground quickly for manual restarts, port connectivity audits, and other emergency situations. It saves you money, and it frees up your team to handle what matters most: your business.

  • Custom design and installation
  • Upgrades to existing data centers
  • Low voltage cabling (cat & fiber)
  • Server cabinet design and installation
  • Ladder racking, patch panel design and installation
  • Armored cable enclosures, cross connects, and custom hardware bracketing
  • Device deployments: servers, switches, firewalls, and more

Nascient Networks brings decades of IT experience to design, implement and manage critical network systems and infrastructure, so you can concentrate on running your business smoothly.

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